The Leah Still Foundation Inc.


It all started when...

Delaware Walks With Leah (#DWWL) is the brainchild of Leah's aunts and uncles, who saw first-hand, the effects that pediatric cancer had on a family. Leah is the daughter of our sister, Channing Smythe and though we all tried to support Channing, none of us really could feel what she felt because none of us had a child fighting cancer.
When Leah was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in 2014, we were all devastated and felt helpless. We watched Channing stay by Leah's side, night after night, week after week and month after month, and all we could do was to be there for her. We all spent many nights crying with her, having late night conversations with her but mainly trying to keep her encouraged. We saw the pain in our sister's face, knowing that her daughter was in such a critical state. As a family, we were determined that we were going to stay right in the fight with our sister and niece.
Unless you've been in the battle, you will never know the feelings that parents and other family members are faced with. One night after one of our "sibling group phone calls" we've decided to find a way to say thank you to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for the excellent care provided for our niece as well as the extraordinary assistance that was provided to our sister. Channing told us about all the kind nurses and doctors that she dealt with daily. Knowing that the nurses and doctors helped Channing ease the stress she faced, kept us at ease as well.
Leah fought a long, hard battle and is now in remission. We can't put in words how elated we are that God blessed our niece and allowed her to come out victorious in her battle. 

We know that the doctors and nurses at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia also played a key role in getting her through this.
So please join Leah, her mom, and other family members for our 5TH ANNUAL DELAWARE WALKS WITH LEAH 5K WALK, as we celebrate Leah in her home state of Delaware.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.