Our mission is based on Leah’s family’s journey with childhood cancer.  When Leah was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2014, we knew she was in a battle for her life but what we didn’t know was how the battle was going to affect all of us.  Fortunately, Leah fought her battle and as she says, “beat up cancer”.
Leah was blessed in a way that a lot of children in her situation have not been.  Her story was spotlighted and she received encouragement from thousands of people across the country. Unfortunately there are many families not so lucky and they don’t have anyone to encourage them, or even let them know what to expect while dealing with pediatric cancer.  
It is our impassioned desire to be able to enhance the lives of children diagnosed with cancer by providing support and guidance for their families.  Our ultimate goal is to be a resource for families to ease some of the burdens caused by having a child with cancer.